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Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Friday!!!

It is finally Friday, woohoo!!!! Sorry for the long delay since the last posting. I'm finally getting caught up on everything, and getting back on track. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts that were offered during my time of absent. It was so nice to see all the convos, and emails that were received. :O)  Other then that all is going pretty good.

The garden is growing up a storm, and the first of the veggies are starting to show.

The baby chicks are doing great, and are so cute running around chasing bugs, and following momma around. We have lost a few due to a stupid hawk, as well as the neighbor’s cat that we're currently having to deal with.

Little Priss and babies (she has three).
Little Priss strolling with babies.
Salt with her two babies.

Blackie with one of her babies.
This is Checkers, she's the biggest of all the hens which the neighbor gave to us.
Ms. Hag loves the dirt.
Ms. Grey, she's the second biggest hen, a friend gave her to us.
Few of the chicken clan.

I guess you can tell by the pictures we have all chicken types. Some were given to us by friends and neighbors, and the others were hatched and raised by them. That is how it all got started years ago.  :O) 

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


Chicken Boys said...

Mike and I bought some chickens, and things went crazy from there! We had some hatch this week, but I don't have pics yet. They're the gift that keeps on giving! I LOVE it! Have a great weekend.

ticc said...

Yes, it doesn't take much for it to take off. :O) Seems like it's the season for the little ones to be hatching. That is so very true. Thanks Randy, and hope you had a great weekend.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!