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Have a great day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Newest Creations

Over the last several days I've been fiddling around with some yarn and felt. During this time I've happened to have completed my latest creations. Here are some pictures of the newest critters.....




Hope everyone had a very nice weekend. Mine was busy. We did manage to get our garden finished and planted. :O) Now we're working on getting the pile of dirt that was delivered on Friday spread out in areas where it is desperately needed. In between working on the garden and dirt pile, I did manage to clip Sugar Bear's hair short so she is a happy camper.

Last night I managed to get started on another project, which is doing a latch hook item. It is a fish picture, so I will be working on it for a few days while deciding on what to do next.

That is all that's going on here, so until next time.....Have a great day!!!!


Chicken Boys said...

They are adorable! Quite a talented person, you are.

ticc said...

Hi Randy!!!! Awwwww, thanks!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!! :O)

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Very cute!

Kim said...

Susan, they are SO adorable! Look what I miss when I don't get over here! So glad to hear you have your garden planted. :) Aw, bet Sugar Bear is thrilled to have a cut for the warmer weather! Need to give my own bloggy some attention - taking a big FB break right now, like for a whole couple of days, yippee! :D

ticc said...

Thanks Kim!! Yes, the garden is planted and sprouting up a storm. I guess all the rain and sunshine we've been having is the reason for it. :O) Sugar Bear sure is, and she gets so feisty when her hair is short. LOL.

ticc said...

Thanks Missy, and thanks for stopping by!!! :o)