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Friday, February 19, 2010

One Dream Catcher Down

Good morning!!!! TGIF... LOL.

I finished the first dream catcher last night. The first of many to come. It is white with a turquoise colored bead close to the middle. It has gray and red pearl beads with real chicken feathers which was retrieved from my rooster when he lost them.  :O)  Now the hardest part to come, deciding what background to use for taking the pictures and which ones look best. Enjoy looking and let me know what you think......

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!


KSK said...

It's lovely, and it makes me happy to hear it's cruelty-free! How nice of your rooster to contribute. :D I'm partial to the 2nd & 3rd backgrounds, maybe leaning more toward the 2nd. However, w/ 5 picture spots per listing, it'd be great to show at least one of both the light and dark background. Good luck figuring it all out - pics are my least favorite part of the listing process!

Kristin said...

Cruelty free goods rock the house. Way to be lady!

ticc said...

Thanks for the input KSK. Pictures are my least favorite also. If I just take pictures of whatever they turn out so good, but when it comes down to needing to take of something they never turn out the way I want them to. :o/ I'm still trying different backgrounds with the dream catchers to see what looks the best, so I can get a few posted.

Hi Kristin! Yes, I do believe in cruelty free items. Thank goodness for my chickens donating during their molting times. :O)