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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonderful Candles

I have been making candles for the last few years. Some scents are so popular I sell them has fast has they're made which is wonderful. The most popular is Chanel #5 followed by Pink Sugar and so on. Soon I will be posting a few on my Etsy site to see how they do. I'm just worried about the cost to ship due to their weight. That's one of the main reason I have been selling mainly around town. I guess it wouldn't hurt.  :O)  Here are a couple of sets I have done.

The first set is cherry vanilla scent that I made and prepared in coke glasses and sealed with heavy plastic. It is a set of three which involves one 16 oz, and two 8 oz candles.

The second set would make you think of Grandma's house when she's baking. It contains a set of three candles in flip top canisters in the scents of hot apple pie, blueberry cobbler, and angel food cake. Each candle is 10 oz.


Chicken Boys said...

Those are pretty cool. I love the coke ones! I'd like to learn to do candles. I think it would be a great hobby project for Mike, as he's always looking for things to make to sell at market. He says his next project will be adirondack chairs.

Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool!!! I love blueberry candles!!!

AliLilly said...

OH MY GOSH!! Both of those sets are ADORABLE!! I would want both of them! I can't wait to see what else you have!!! USPS has that flat rate if it fits in the box service...I don't know if that would help. I would TOTALLY buy from you. Those are cute!!

Thanks for the follow!! Now I'm following you! :)

ticc said...

Thanks Randy.. They are fun, and easy to do once you get all the supplies you need. It would be a great hobby, and people are always wanting candles. Can't wait to see a picture of the chair once Mike makes one. :O)

Thanks Little Messy Missy..

Thanks AliLilly.. I'm able to get each set into a USPS Medium Flat Rate box, so that was a good thing. The flat rate prices really help out at times. Thanks....

You're welcome and thanks for following me. :O)

Gizecraft said...

Hi Tcc,
They are so cute and just looking at them want to take a sip hahahha!
Nice work you are doing.
Congrats and hugs :0)))

ticc said...

Hi Gizecraft,
Thanks. They do look good. LOL.
Aawwww, thank you. :O)