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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Treasury

Today I was able to do another treasury on Etsy, Shiny N Bright. Check it out when you have the time, and show some love. There are several wonderful pieces of jewelry on display made by some of the finest individuals.   


Kim said...

It's beautiful, and you were so kind to include my necklace! I still have the poster sketch saved for my next treasury w/ you in it - looks like I have a couple of days now to get myself ready to grab a spot! Off to comment my contest entries... Have a great day! :D

ticc said...

Thank you and you're welcome. Have a wonderful day!!! :O)

Chicken Boys said...

I lived in Temple before joining the army. Then I lived in Harker Heights while stationed at Ft. Hood. I also lived in Waxahachie, up near Dallas, when I was in college. After the army I moved down to South Texas to Beeville while I was driving a truck. My home terminal was in Laredo on the border. Now, we live in eastern NC where most of my family lives. I do miss it, but family is so important to me.

ticc said...

Wow!!! You have been around parts of Texas... Yes, family is important, and spend quality time with them while you can. All my family lives here in Texas, so I will be staying here. :O) Have a great day!!!!!