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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Mine was about as well as it could go. The giveaway end is coming to a near. Woohoo!!!!! Please bear with me if I'm running a little late on Wednesday's announcement of who the winner is (could be more then one). :O) Stay tune. We had a death in the family on Saturday, and everything is happening on Wednesday and Thursday so it is going to be a busy week. We have family members arriving tomorrow, so will be busy with them and all the other things that will be going on. I will try and get the giveaway closed out if possible Tuesday night, if not I will as soon as I can this week. Until then....Have a wonderful day!!!!!!


Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what you & your family are going through right now. :( *HUGS* I was thinking about you, hoping all was okay when you didn't post for a couple of days. Almost messaged you, but didn't want to pester. :)

I'll be thinking of you over these next few difficult days & I really hope the family getting all together can bring some comfort. First on the list is you & yours - I'm sure everyone who entered would agree, we're here when you're up to focusing on the giveaway again! <3

ticc said...

Thanks for your kind words Kim they were really appreciated, and nice of you. Everything was fine, just had so much going on and didn't have time to do some things I need to do. You could never pester me, and are always welcome to message me or write anytime. I enjoy the chats. :O) Hope everything is going well, and all is fine. I'm just trying to catch up on everything, and get things done. We're all doing just fine. We have relatives staying with us until the 28th. Having a family get together tomorrow so we will have a house full. Whew!! Be so glad when this is all over, and can relax. Have a wondeful day!!!!!