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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giveaways Luck

It was really surprising when I was notified by Pikithins that I won her give away last month. What a wonderful giveaway package that I recieved, which included Brox the mini head, a lovely pair of black earrings, a mini card, and a 50% off discount card. Be sure to check out her wonderful etsy shop.

Here is Brox with all the wonderful items.

Then, I got another surprise when I was notified by NurseryLove  that I had won her giveaway last month. I won either a Hemp Soap Bar or Body & Linen Mist from Seattle Mermaid. I choosed the hemp soap bar. Be sure to check out their wonderful etsy shops.


KSK said...

Check you out - congrats! I never win anything myself, but a giveaway sounds like a really fun idea! So sweet of you to give the shops some love on your blog. Heading over to check them out right now... Hope your day is nice to you. :)

ticc said...

I usually don't either, but for some reason I won those two. :O) Lot of people are having giveaway on their sites. Maybe I'll try one somewhere down the line. Thanks and hope you have a wonderful day.