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Friday, March 5, 2010

Blog Feature

Today a pair of ticc’s earrings was featured on Kiirey’s Blog. Kiirey uses her blog to support and promote small independent designers and artists around the world. The blogger has her own Etsy Shop where she sells beautiful fabrics for the individuals that sew.

It is a great honor to be featured on a blog or any blog in fact where you know people appreciate the work you have done. Be sure to check out her blog and shop, and subscribe and heart her. Be sure to check out all the featured artist and their wonderful etsy shops and heart them as well.

8. ticc


Chicken Boys said...

Are you saying that because I'm not a crafty-artsy-esty person I don't appreciate your work? LOL You and the others feature some beautiful things. Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Really bizarre - all this time I was certain I had already hearted you on Etsy, but nope. Very strange & I apologize for my lameness. Anyway, that's rectified now, glad I paid a visit again to see your featured earrings! I must be losing my mind. Congrats on the feature! :D Kiirey has a very nice blog & I'm now following. Hope you have a nice weekend!

ticc said...

I'm not saying that at all Randy. Don't think it at all. LOL. Thanks. Have a great weekend! :O)

Oh my, that's ok Kim. I thought I had you hearted also, but didn't. How strange. I now got you hearted also. LOL. Thanks. Have a great weekend! :O)

Kim said...

See, I was sure I had already seen you in my hearts too. Haha, it's a conspiracy! Fine, maybe a glitch, but conspiracy sounds much more scandalous. :D

Erica said...

That is awesome! congratulations on your feature!

ticc said...

Kim, sometimes I wonder about the hearts. There are some that I know I've hearted, but for some reason it shows later that I didn't heart them. Very strange or a glitch somewhere.

Thanks Erica.